Cardio Exercises for Burning Major Calories!

Do you think you are slightly on the obese side and want to get your body in shape? Have you been working on your abs for a long time to get those elusive six pack abs but have been unsuccessful? The problem is the extra fat in your body!

In either case you will need to do exercises that will help you loose your extra fat. And that is where Cardio vascular exercises should help you out. But then what are the exercises that fall under cardiovascular training, also known as Cardio exercises?

You would already know about these exercises. Running, brisk walking, swimming, cycling, etc. are all cardiovascular workouts. Sounds familiar?

So what are the benefits of doing cardiovascular workouts? The most important benefit of doing cardio vascular exercises is to develop endurance. More than building muscles or strength, cardio workouts helps you to develop endurance and to lose fat.
Besides these there are some other benefits like – burning calories, improving your heart and lungs, improving blood circulation, etc.

Whatever is your objective – be it losing fat or building six pack abs, start doing cardio exercises 2-3 times in a week. Do your workout session for around 40-60 minutes. In a couple of month’s time, you should see major improvements.

If after some time you feel you are getting bored of your cardiovascular training routine, you can mix up your running routine with other exercises to make it more exciting. You will still continue to burn loads of Calories.

Suresh Bist
Cardio Workout – Sample Exercises

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