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It has been found that the vitamins, like the minerals, are most abundant in the outer coverings and the germ of grains, and in fruits and vegetables. They are also present in fresh milk, butter, meat and eggs. Babies fed pasteurized or boiled milk should have fruit juices and

vegetable purees early. Begin with one-half teaspoonful, well diluted, and gradually increases the feeding to an ounce or more between meals once or twice daily.

Most animal fats have the vitamins, but vegetable fats are deficient in them. That is the reason cod liver oil is better for some therapeutic uses than olive oil.

So what is a good balanced diet?

BALANCED DIET: Should contain

10-15% Protein

(Children may need more)

25-30% Fat

60-65% Carbohydrates

For example, suppose you are a fairly active woman and need 2500

calories per day. Then for a balanced diet you would need:

10% Protein, or 250 C.

25% Fat, or 625 C.

65% Carbohydrates 1625 C.

2500 C.

250 C. of P. = 2-1/5 oz. dry protein

(250 / 113 = 2-1/5, approximately)

625 C. of F. = 2-1/2 oz. of fat

(625 / 255 = 2-1/2, approximately)

1625 C. of CH. = 14-1/2 oz. dry carbohydrates

(1625 / 113 = 14-1/2, approximately)

Two and one-fifth ounces dry protein equals the approximate amount of

protein in 10 ounces lean meat, fish, or fowl, or 9 ounces cheese, or 9

eggs. (You should not take all of your proteins in any of these single

forms.) Two and one-half ounces fat equals approximately 5 pats of


But listen! You don’t have to bother with all this fussy stuff. Be careful not to over-or under-eat of the proteins, and your tastes will be a fair standard for the rest. You should remember that a balanced diet contains some of all these foods, in about the proportions given, and that, while watery vegetables and fruits contain very few calories, they contain very important mineral salts, vitamins, and cellulose. The latter is good for the daily scrub of the intestinal tract.

Many people complain of digestive issues like constipation.

CONSTIPATION is many times caused by a too concentrated diet, or one

containing too little roughage. It has also been discovered that some

individuals who are troubled with faulty elimination digest this

cellulose, and only the more resistant, like bran, is not absorbed. For

those, the Japanese seaweed called agaragar in the laboratory, but more

familiarly known as agar by the layman, is excellent. The most

industrious digestive tract apparently can not digest that. It has the

further property of absorbing a large amount of water, thus increasing

its bulk.

It is important to drink lots of water, otherwise just consuming agar can create some problems!

Mineral oils (refined paraffin) also are not absorbable, and they act with benefit in some cases. About the worst thing to do, in general, is to take physics constantly. These are not physics, however; they act

mechanically. Even the C.S. (common-sense?) individual can take these.

The agar may be taken two or three heaping teaspoonfuls in a large glass

of water before retiring, or in the morning before breakfast, or in lieu

of 4 o’clock tea. Drink it down rapidly–for goodness’ sake, don’t try

to chew it.

Mineral oil will make fine mayonnaise dressing. It has little or no food

value, so the constipated overweight individual may indulge freely. For

faulty elimination, then–

1. Correct diet.

2. Exercise–especially brisk walking.

3. Regularity of habit.

4. Possibly the addition of bran, agar, or mineral oils.

5. Sweet disposition. Mean people are always constipated.

Influence of Emotions on your health

When you worry needlessly, notice how tense your muscles are. You are

exercising them all of the time and using hundreds of calories of

energy. You raise your blood pressure, the internal secretory glands may overact (re-read what I have said about these glands in the fat

people), and thus many more calories are used. The intestinal secretions do not flow so freely, you have indigestion and do not assimilate your food, and thus hundreds more calories are lost.

It certainly is impossible to gain unless your food is assimilated.

So the first thing you have to learn is this mental control and to

relax. Remember that word, relax. After you are better nourished your

nervous system will not be on hair-trigger tension, and it will be

easier for you.

If you are ill in mind or body, remember that it is natural to be well, and that within your body nature has stored the most wonderful forces which are always tending towards the normal, or health, if not

obstructed or hindered. Nature sometimes needs help to stimulate those forces, or to reinforce them, or to remove obstructions. This is where the physician comes in.

But you yourself can aid nature the most by realizing that _nature is

health and it is normal to be well_. By so doing, all of your organs

function better and you are restored to normal more rapidly.

In summary just eating right food containing Vitamins, minerals, roughage and bulk is as important as having mental and emotional balance in life.

Have a great happy life.

Source by Sayee Sultan

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